The Ramsey Show

About The Ramsey Show

Personal Finance Expert Dave Ramsey began his journey in broadcasting more than three decades ago in Nashville. There, he hosted a radio show that offered practical solutions to life’s most challenging money questions. Today, “The Ramsey Show” brings in more than 18 million listeners across the nation.

Ramsey, along with his team of co-hosts, offers financial advice and guidance to viewers and callers, helping them get out of debt, regain control of their lives, and create solid financial plans for their futures. Ramsey shares his story of starting from nothing and later losing his hard-earned fortune because of debt. He says, “I’m here to tell you that whoever you are, wherever you came from, and however deep of a mess you might be in right now, you can get out of it.”

Ramsey has written seven bestselling books and is one of the most listened-to radio personalities in the country. BEK TV is the first television network to broadcast his program throughout the week.

BEK News

BEK TV now includes BEK News programming every weekday. Watch BEK TV statewide on KNGF CH-27 in Fargo/Grand Forks, KNDB CH-26 in Bismarck/Dickinson, and KNDM CH-24 in Minot/Williston. Visit BEK.News for full schedule and BEK.TV local cable channel listings.

The Ramsey Show Airs Weekdays at 7:00 am CT