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About Open Range

BEK TV's 'Open Range,' hosted by North Dakota legend Gary Emineth, is a captivating show that delves into a wide array of topics affecting North Dakota. Emineth, a distinguished figure in North Dakota's business and political circles, emphasizes the program's commitment to delivering a variety of viewpoints on a variety of issues, ranging from agriculture, government, and energy to sports, history, and people.

With an ensemble of expert co-hosts, the program celebrates the state’s values, culture, and its people. It serves as a platform for education and engagement, providing viewers with comprehensive insights into the issues that shape North Dakota. In a world filled with fleeting news snippets, Emineth is committed to offering an expanded conversation about what’s going on in the state.

The program also features a weekly segment titled "Glory Days," highlighting remarkable individuals who originated from North Dakota and have remained in the state.

Describing himself as curious by nature, Emineth hopes to foster unity and understanding among North Dakotans by creating an environment where diverse viewpoints are explored. Emineth also promises to counter misconceptions of the state to instill a newfound appreciation and love for North Dakota.

With its diverse topics, expert co-hosts, and celebration of North Dakota's rich heritage, "Open Range" promises to be a must-watch program for viewers seeking engaging and insightful content.


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