Ladies of Another View

About Ladies of Another View

Ladies of Another View airs on BEK News weekdays at 9:00 AM CT. Have you noticed local and national media are muting ideas that don't fit their agendas? We think it's time for Another View on the issues that affect North Dakotans.

Join the Ladies of Another View for conversation, inspiration, and information that has become hard to find on mainstream media. Ladies of Another View is a lively forum lead by Patti Armstrong and Mary Graner, with contributions from a group of show hosts consisting of other local North Dakota women thought leaders.

Coming to your Hometown

Travel to small-town North Dakota as the Ladies of Another View present My Hometown on BEK News!  The Ladies tell the unique stories and explore the rich history of the rural towns that make the heart of North Dakota. Learn how these communities were founded, and meet the people who live there.


You can reach the Ladies of Another View at BEK NEWS. REAL PEOPLE. REAL NEWS.

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