BEK News Special Report Series "China Conquest Inside Job"

About China Conquest: Inside Job

For decades, China has been executing a plan to crush the United States of America. Chinese leaders and American lawmakers, both independently, have been talking for years about China’s plan to destroy our country on an economic, geopolitical, and military level. So why then would the United States ever want to do business with Communist China?

In a BEK News special report, hosted by Lori Hinz, “China Conquest: Inside Job”, learn why national security experts are concerned about the methods in which China is using to infiltrate their way into America. Explore high-level activity that our nation’s top officials have known about for years, to newer, lower-level subnational exchanges taking place in America’s heartland.

Find out how the Chinese are now using a multi-faceted approach to target Governors, state lawmakers, mayors, city council members and local business owners. Explore examples of the Chinese making their way into small-town America.

In this special report, BEK TV provides information that the country’s complacent media are afraid to report. BEK TV uncovers the truth, gives examples, credits countless sources, and makes connections that will leave you asking more questions. China Conquest: Inside Job” exposes the ways that China is slowly accomplishing their goal of becoming a world superpower.

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