Capturing America's Heartland: C02 Pipeline

A proposed high-pressure CO2 pipeline that would be built close to residential Bismarck, ND is the topic of controversy among residents and rural landowners. The pipeline would transport carbon dioxide captured from ethanol plants in five Midwest states to an end point north and west of the Bismarck-Mandan area, in Oliver and Mercer counties.

BEK TV host Lori Hinz brings weekly updates in Capturing America’s Heartland: CO2 Pipeline, which invites experts on all sides of the issue to weigh in on a variety of concerns and benefits regarding building an unusually large pipeline so close to residents and property owners. From reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing domestic oil production, to significant technical, regulatory, and health and safety challenges, the series explores how the proposed route could affect the Heartland of America.

Capturing America's Heartland: CO2 Pipeline airs weekdays at 9 AM.