Across the Pond with Trent Loos & Andrew Henderson
Travel with Trent Loos and Andrew Henderson Across the Pond as they explore agriculture and food production challenges across the world.

Trent Loos is a sixth-generation farmer from Nebraska, and Andrew Henderson is a nutritionist specializing in the dairy industry in the United Kingdom. Together, they tackle the issues, topics, and solutions to the problems facing the food production industry in the United States, UK, and everywhere else! From consumers and producers to economics and politics, the duo believes the production and distribution of food and agricultural goods is no longer to be taken for granted.

Across the Pond is weekdays at 6:30 AM CT / 12:30 PM GMT. The program also can be viewed weekdays at 6:30 am CT on the BEK News Facebook page. Please tune in and if you would like to be a future guest please tell us what you want to talk about.

Andrew is also on truth social under @arhselk no censorship or shadow banning now. Join and spread the truth.

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